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40 Years od Experience in Japan

With over 40 years of successful history, we have earned the preference of numerous international companies as their go-to partner for office projects.

Our team of experienced bilingual designers consistently engages in projects, ensuring a profound understanding of our clients’ needs and providing comprehensive support from careful planning to impeccable execution.

Our design team boasts exceptional expertise, efficiently translating design concepts into tangible results. We focus on transparent budgeting and seamless project management, easing your burdens and ensuring smooth progress throughout the entire project.

With a long-standing history of success and expertise, we take great pride in supporting our clients’ business growth and success. Upholding innovative design and high-quality service, we remain committed to delivering top-tier office environments. Our dedication to putting clients first, coupled with meticulous attention to every detail, is what sets us apart. It is this genuine attitude that drives us toward realizing outstanding office spaces.

2000+ Projects with our One-Stop Services

Our professionals are proficient across diverse roles, including design, project management, construction management, and consultancy. This enables them to navigate every office design and relocation aspect with bilingual support. Our unique approach ensures seamless and efficient project execution, as clients can depend on a single adept professional to supervise the entire process.

Localization Services are included in our One-Stop offerings: We bring extensive experience in customizing solutions to meet the requirements of foreign corporations, ensuring compliance with Japan’s regulations and cultural norms. Leveraging our understanding of unique factors such as designated building contractors and local laws, we fashion office environments perfectly aligning with client expectations.

A cornerstone of our strategy is prioritizing effective communication. We excel at liaising with stakeholders worldwide, accounting for different time zones and cultural nuances. This empowers us to realize visually appealing, functional office spaces that echo the client’s vision and objectives.

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Championing Fair Competition

At Berthier, we support fairness, integrity, and ethical competition. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in our detailed proposal approach. We ensure that every entrant, including ourselves, has a fair chance to compete through a clearly defined and competitive bidding process. This underscores our dedication to maintaining a level playing field, where uprightness and professionalism prevail over unethical tactics.

We’ve worked with

Projects Spotlight

  • Argenics Japan K.K.
  • Argenics Japan K.K.
  • Argenics Japan K.K.
  • Argenics Japan K.K.
  • Argenics Japan K.K.

Argenx Japan Co., Ltd. (164 tsubo)Fusion of Nature and Humanity

Initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, this project reflects our adaptive approach to changing workstyles. The design mirrors the innovative identity of the pharmaceutical company, bolstering a mixed work model of telecommuting and office collaboration. Through the integration of space design, greenery, and advanced technology, we fostered a symbiotic relationship between people and nature.

  • Fender Music Corporation
  • Fender Music Corporation
  • Fender Music Corporation
  • Fender Music Corporation
  • Fender Music Corporation

Fender Music Co., Ltd. (250 tsubo)A Space Open with Music

Fender’s first head office establishment project in Japan. The company, which has a firm identity as a high-end guitar brand, has recently also been developing a lifestyle brand business that proposes a “lifestyle with music” as something more familiar. In this office project, considering the expanding business, we created a space that generates new opportunities in casual and diverse interactions among staff and visitors, such as a café, showroom, guitar player lounge, meeting rooms, etc.

Company Data

Company Name
Berthier Associates Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Dominique Berthier, Architecte DPLG
Business Description
Office Space Consultation – Project Management – Custom Office Design – Construction Services – Custom Furniture Production – Furniture Sales – Relocation Management – Maintenance Service. Capital
JPY 28,800,000
Daini Horiuchi Building 3F, 2-11-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052.
Contact Email
81 (3)-3560-3300 (T. Yamada)
Construction Business License
Tokyo Governor Permission (Special-4) No. 106172

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