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Berthier Associates: Corporate Interior Design + Construction; Tokyo


A design firm. A project manager.
A construction company. A furniture supplier.
A technology consultant. An equipment resource.
Berthier is All of This and More.

Berthier Associates Co., Ltd. has planned and designed successful workplaces in Japan since 1987.

More than one thousand successful projects later, we are an expert Corporate Interior Design + Construction firm, encompassing a 360° approach that blends everything you need from conceptualization to after care service into one cohesive team.

Our best work enhances brands, streamlines business processes, improves productivity, attracts and retains staff and gives the right impression to clients.
Let us bring your people an environment that reflects their spirit and energy, promises the daily enjoyment of a good design, fosters individual development and ultimately benefits your company.

After all, as the saying goes: “What we surround ourselves with, we become”.


Berthier takes Care of it All.
From initial feasibility studies to orchestrating the move, our services include absolutely everything you need to move your business into an efficient new space with no disruption.


We will help you assess which office space meets your size and operational needs before even formalizing your lease contract so as to identify an adequate surface area to maximize operational effectiveness.
Project Proposal
We will demonstrate the innovative solutions that can help you make the most out of your space by creating concept drawings and 3D visualizations to help you experience how your new office will look, along with an initial schedule, including milestones for completion.
We will prepare a fully itemized estimate to help you understand exactly how much your Berthier move and set up will cost.

Design + construction

Planning & Design Development
Berthier partners with you to review your program in-depth, refine its solutions, create forward-thinking interior design, and define all important aspects of the project up to the smallest detail, so your new office will be an effective workspace for years to come.
Project Planning & Management
Berthier provides careful and effective planning each step of the way, from the initial stages through to final completion and a successful handover.
We provide project management and coordination for contractors, suppliers, other entities involved in your project, and will even work directly with your overseas headquarters so you can focus on your day-to-day work.
Berthier provides careful and effective planning each step of the way, from the initial stages through to final completion and a successful handover.
We provide project management and coordination for contractors, suppliers, other entities involved in your project, and will even work directly with your overseas headquarters so you can focus on your day-to-day work.
Furniture & Equipment
Berthier leverages important relationships with major manufacturers to provide competitive prices that fit your design and budget.
Information Technology
Berthier works closely with specialists from IT, communications, cabling infrastructure, PBX/phone, audio-visual (AV) and access control (security).
Our services cover their integration, installation and support for the overall project.
Move Management
Berthier integrates your best existing equipment and helps you switch offices with ease.
Fixed Price Commitment
Berthier clearly lays out your set-up or relocation costs with total transparency.
After Care
Berthier maintains strong relationships with each client. As one unified team, even months or years later, we are only one call away for maintenance or modifications.

Comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive Design + Construction solutions are ideally suited for projects that are 600 tsubo / 2000 m2 and under – as their scale allows for realistic upfront project proposals and price commitments. Providing a single point of contact and responsibility, comprehensive solutions ensure a well-balanced project, shortened schedules, transparent budget compliance, easy change orders and an overall hassle-free process for our clients.

Why Berthier

Coherence Makes a Difference.
Integrating our internal capabilities into unified, mutually reinforcing services lowers costs, improves timelines and delivers maximum design for any budget.

1. Designer-led

Berthier understands that the best office design projects are approached with a designer-led management system. Our process allows for a consistent project vision from start to finish, holistic decision making, and an ongoing exchange with our clients, inviting them into a co-creative dialogue that keeps them informed and participating over the entire arc of the project schedule.

Ultimately, designer-led projects are delivered faster, at less cost, maximizing project efficiency, while ensuring the highest quality in design and materials.

2. Single point of responsibility

Berthier project leaders are assigned at the beginning and remain involved throughout the process as your single point of contact, taking responsibility for each stage, handling the glitches and sorting out any snags.

Our project leaders are design professionals with proven track records in corporate office design, project management and construction management. They are team players, who thrive in their multi-faceted roles and make office set-ups an experience so seamless for our clients that they wouldn’t consider working with anyone else.

3. Total transparency

Berthier’s pricing system provides real transparency by detailing all technical specifications upfront. This lets clients know, before contracting, the true cost of the project, the precise quality of the materials and it provides an accurate snapshot of the finished workspace.

Then, as the project develops, clients can request changes in total trust, as adding or reducing various items and specifications will make the price go up or down automatically.

Berthier is wholly accountable to complete projects within the agreed budget and within the agreed specifications.

4. Inspired choices

Because we take care of it all, we deliver excellent results at any budget.

Great design isn’t about how much you spend – it’s about how smart you spend. At Berthier we are experts at infusing any budget with a high degree of originality, ingenuity and impressive design.

When performance can be improved with higher specifications or significantly affected with lower specifications, we always quote an option for reference, allowing the client to make an informed choice. We can also provide quotes with a full range of optional specifications, allowing the client to set the budget as they see fit.

5. Cohesion

In Japan, maintaining strict adherence to deadlines is standard practice. Berthier goes one-step further, by delivering on time even when there is a need for acrobatic deadlines, unusual processes or complex phase controls.

Berthier works as one cohesive, multi-disciplinary team that communicates efficiently and overlaps tasks smoothly, often carrying out many parts of the process all at the same time.

6. Flexibility

Being one team, Berthier greatly optimizes project delivery.

We can provide clients the ability to order long lead-time items while the budget is still under review or the project is still in the design phase, because all items are broken down by cost, quantity and lead-time delivery.

We can complete portions of the work in advance, the early construction of a server room, for example.

We can plan and manage re-stacking procedures for part or full remodeling of an otherwise occupied office space without disrupting the day-to-day business.

We can perform minor maintenance or major modifications smoothly as we keep all data on hand and can provide everything to fulfill any need, all in one call.


Thank you for your efficiency. The result seems very successful!

Thank you once again for the great design of our new office in Tokyo.

Thank you for designing such a beautiful office for us.

I wanted to thank you again for your efforts, patience and kindness, not to mention your efficiency and that of your associates. I have done numerous projects and this is really the first I came out happy and satisfied, all thanks to you.

Our office is so trendy and hip.

It is said that high-quality work can delight and impress people. I believe it perfectly applies to Berthier Associates’ work. We are looking forward to working with you again.

Thank you again for your very competent presentation last Monday. In total we have seen 4 different companies − your presentation was definitely the best.

Everyone here is very happy in this new workspace.

After two good experiences with your ideas and after the perfect construction work including your after sales support, it was a pleasure to recommend your company. Two days ago, I visited the office of our colleagues and was really impressed about the new design. Especially, the light workplaces and the modern layout of the meeting rooms are a huge improvement compared to the former office. In case of respective requests, I will continue recommending Berthier Associates.

We have been working several times with Berthier Associates and we were always impressed by the originality of the solutions they propose from an aesthetic, ergonomic and cost/performance point of view. This, together with their high attention in terms of keeping the given budgets and delivery times, as well as their “turnkey”, “one stop shop” approach, follow up of the ongoing works and “after service”, made them quickly become the ideal partner for all our needs.

It was a pleasure from our side working with you and your team. Our good working relationship has resulted in a project which was finalized on time with no big surprises coming up during the fit out.

Thanks for the quality work and for your perfect commitments, particularly in terms of planning.

Thank you Dominique, Akinari-san and all of the staff at Berthier for a wonderful office! Let’s keep in touch.

Thanks to your help, this has been a great success. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures clearly show the change in culture and the impact that space has on behavior. Your design has helped improve communication and productivity while opening up collaboration and creativity. We hope to work with you again in the future.

We received high appreciations over the artistic and beautiful design for our new office from all the board members in Oslo. Your achievements and contributions are highly appreciated as well.


Berthier Associates Co., Ltd.

107-0052 東京都港区赤坂2-11-15 第二堀内ビル3階
Daini Horiuchi Bldg 3F, Akasaka 2‑11‑15, Minato‑ku, Tokyo 107‑0052

Tel: (03) 3560‑3300


Contact person: Takuya Yamada

President: Dominique Berthier, DPLG Architect

Established: 1987

Capital: ¥28,800,000

Licensed General Contractor: 東京都知事 許可(特-29) 106172

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